Characteristics of a Dry or Mature Skin


Usually, dry skin is finely textured, often with a dull appearance, lacking luminosity. Inspected closely in a magnifying mirror, dry or mature skin can show some granulation or flakiness around the eyes, mouth and nose.

 It often feels slightly uncomfortable, as if it is too tight and the dehydration is evident in the lack of flexibility and elasticity. If softly pinched, fine lines usually remain on the skin for a couple of seconds.ppearance due to being more prone to fine lines and wrinkles and lacking luminosity.

How to tell if you have Dry or Mature Skin


An easy test for determining dry skin is pressing a piece of toilet paper for about 5 seconds onto the freshly cleansed skin. If the paper comes out perfectly clean, it is a good indication of dry skin.

Risks associated with Dry or Mature Skin


Dry skin is usually harmless but has an unsightly appearance due to being more prone to fine lines and wrinkles and lacking luminosity.


When not cared for, dry skin may lead to:


Atopic dermatitis

Infections, due to cracking, which allows bacteria to cross the skin barrier

How to take care of Dry or Mature Skin


  • Moisturize morning and night. Moisturizing seals the skin to keep the water from escaping.


  • Limit water exposure. Try to keep baths and showers to under ten minutes, and keep the water on warm, not hot, as to not cause further dryness.


  • Avoid drying soaps and cleansers. Try gentle cream or oil based cleansers to fully moisturize the skin.

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