Characteristics of Normal Skin


A normal skin is not too dry and not too oily and has no, or very few imperfections. The pores are barely visible and the skin looks radiant, supple, flexible and well hydrated.

A normal skin does not react, or rarely reacts to cosmetics, heat or cold and feels comfortable.

How to tell if you have normal skin


If your skin does not react to environmental factors, feels supple, hydrated and presents no problems, it is very much likely you are one of the lucky ones and your skin is normal.

 An easy test for determining normal skin is pressing a piece of toilet paper for about 5 seconds onto the freshly cleansed skin. If the paper comes out with only slight oil spots, it is a good indication of normal skin.

Risks associated with normal skin


Because normal skin does not present any problems, the biggest risk associated with it is not caring for it to maintain it, often resulting in deregulations such as dry or oily skin.

How to take care of normal skin


  • Cleanse the skin daily with a gentle cleanser.

  • Moisturize morning and night in order to maintain skin hydration, flexibility and luminosity.

  • Use warm water when washing in order not to distress the skin.

  • Drink plenty of water.

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